Can't stop playing a game? Summary of how each successful home implements

blog : 15-Oct-2021

We hear from parents that they are stressed at home because of video games. We want to inform you that we have summarized the relatively successful methods that we have heard from the students' parents.

Think about the problems of the game together.

For example, we had a prior discussion with kids about this matter.

〇Why can't you get the game out of my head?

〇Why can't you stop the game?

〇Why do you get sleep deprivation, and what is the effect?

The child, not the parent, decides the rules of the game.

Children do not listen to one-sided instructions, so parents ask their questions, let them say what to do, and decide on their own rules that are convincing to both kids and parents. Discuss why we need directions also.

Determine the penalty for failing to follow the rules.

Having set rules that they can fulfil, such as no game for a few days. (Do not set unreasonable rules.)

In addition, there was a request to automatically limit the time of Wifi so that bedtime does not get late, the time that they use Wifi for one day, and the applications that they can use. You need to be careful about using it, but you can do it by switching your home router device to a device called Deco, so please refer to it if necessary.

Good Luck!