"Is non-cognitive ability related to future success, happiness, and even annual income?"

blog : 05-Nov-2021

There is a growing interest in the non-cognitive skills that children need to have a more fulfilling life. Non-cognitive skills are a set of abilities that enrich a child's future and life, rather than something that can be identified by a score or index, such as IQ, achievement tests or deviation scores. It is a set of skills that enrich a child's future and life, such as working hard, self-control, self-esteem, consideration for others, communication skills and logical thinking.

Research by Professor Heckman in the USA has shown that pre-school education can significantly affect a child's employment status, income, education, work performance, and social skills as an adult. (Heckman and Scheinkman, 1987, Heckman and Masterov, 2007).

Based on 30 years history of our school, a fundamental ability is necessary for children to develop non-cognitive skills essential for their future. This basic ability to "Recognise things" is the ability that we want to build.

To be continued