20 years plan for Bilingual Education  

blog : 03-Dec-2021

After all, the reason for educating children bilingually is to ensure that they receive a quality school education and become independent individuals who can earn their own living without their parents. One important point that is often overlooked is the country in which the student will work. Even though we live in a globalised world, you still need to have a work permit to work in a country. For example, there have been cases where children whose mother tongue was English at inter-school have been sent abroad to study, only to return home because they could not obtain a work permit in the country. In some cases, it is difficult to find a job in Japan if the child is not able to read and write Japanese. This is why bilingual education needs to be carefully planned for the next 20 years. Some parents who have gone through such hardships themselves are more realistic and give birth to their children in the U.S. and become permanent residents first. If you want to live and work in Japan, you will need to learn Japanese well first.