"Mental rotation skills can change your life?" 

blog : 10-Dec-2021

Mental rotation skills are becoming a popular topic of interest.

Mental rotation is the ability to freely rotate and view objects in your mind. We call it "Spatial Ability" in other words.

・Logic, arithmetic and problem solving

・The ability to analyze and correct oneself.

・The ability to think in-depth about a single problem.

・The ability to transfer the solution of one problem to a different issue.

・The ability to think from another person's point of view (caring and empathy)

It is the ability to develop the driving force of human growth, the accelerator of life, and, happily, this is an ability that can be acquired with effort.

For more information, please refer to this page.

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"Mental Rotation: Creating a 'Rotating Brain' (Fusosha Books)" (by Yuji Ikeya)

You can start reading it for free here: https://a.co/0YFmnTH