"'Is smartness compounded like a snowball?" 

blog : 17-Dec-2021

Did you know that when you build a snowman, if you start with a ball the size of the palm of your hand, it won't get big quickly, but once it gets to a certain size, it will get bigger and bigger?

In the world of investment, there is an idea called compound interest. The longer the number of years, the faster the increase in interest, and the more your assets grow at an accelerated rate, just like a snowball from a certain point on.

The same is true for the brain, the earlier the foundation grows, the more knowledge and experience it can absorb and the more difference it will make.

Children who pass the entrance exams for junior high schools are often already well developed in the first year of primary school.

It is said that reading is important, but there is a big difference in reading ability between children who read from kindergarten and those who start reading in the fifth grade.

We believe that it is important to build a foundation of ability as early as possible. (This does not mean that they should be forced to study hard.)