"' Why is it good to be able to calculate using mental math? (4)"

blog : 28-Jan-2022

Now that you know the difference between mental math and column method, why is it important to do calculations by metal math?

There are following advantages:

1. Mental math requires the ability of the active brain to grasp and think about the structure of numbers and calculations, so through ingenuity and trial and error you will naturally understand the structure and background of numbers.

2. Mental math requires the ability to see the whole picture, use insight and manipulate numbers and images. The ability to see the whole picture and to foresee things ahead is important at all stages of life.

3. In maths exams, the ability to work by mental math means that you will be able to work out approximate figures and, when it comes to making calculations, you will be able to do it accurately and quickly correct any mistakes. It also allows you to focus your thinking on the key points of a problem or task, which results in better results.