"'(Mother's Question) My child is unable to break the habit of counting numbers on his fingers; what can I do?"

blog : 11-Mar-2022

By encouraging children to view numbers as groups of 3 or 5 rather than as a collection of 1, they can grasp the concept of volume and develop a true sense of quantity. Children who count on their fingers struggle with mathematics. For instance, if a child sees this block, can he or she quickly respond to the number?

Can you immediately say "7" when you see this?



Can you immediately say "5" when you see this?

□□ □□□

If you understand that 5 is divisible by 2 and 3, you can answer the question. If you are unable to respond, you are simply memorising or counting 1, 2, 3...

Then, how do we break their habit of using their fingers and thinking of numbers as quantities?

If you make a block similar to the one above, show it to your child for a second or two, and then immediately cover it with a piece of paper, he will be unable to see it, unable to count with his fingers, and gradually lose the habit.

It's straightforward but extremely effective.