“Things you need to know and do before the age of 3years; Skills to develop an ability to think.”

blog : 28-Mar-2022

Let’s do a simple comparison, which brain will gain an ability to think better, a brain worked 100 times or a brain worked 1000 times. You get the answer easily, don’t you?

All of us as a parent might hope our children will gain the ability to think through our parenting. Well then what should we do for them?

Have you ever heard of “Coaching Method”? In fact, this method has been used in business scene for a long time and this method is also very effective for parenting.

Well then, what are the elements of coaching method? In brief, it’s a method of giving questions to your surroundings and then letting themselves to think making decisions by themselves.

So what should we do for our child specifically? The key is to change our way of having a conversation with our child. Here are example conversations;

What we tend to say but not a good way

“Go sleep now as you have to up at 6:30am, don’t you!”

An Example of Using Coaching Method

“What was your plan tomorrow?”⇒I have football training.

“What time does it start?”⇒It should be 8am.

“How do you get there?”⇒I’m thinking to take a bus.

“How long will it take to get there?”⇒About an hour I guess.

“What time do you need go to sleep then?”⇒When I feel like I’m falling asleep.

“What did your teacher told you how many hours at least you have to get sleep?”⇒Supposed to be at least 9hours.

“What time are you going to get up then?”⇒I think 10am will be ok.

“Are you forgetting something, aren’t you?”⇒I don’t think so.

“Are you ok getting on a bus right after you get up?”⇒Oops, I didn’t think about breakfast time.

“Well then, what would you do?”⇒I think I will get up another 30mins earlier.

“Right. What time do you go sleep then?”⇒I’ll do at 9:30pm.

As you can see, instead of giving instructions, we should give questions to our child and make them to think and find solutions by themselves. Using coaching method is a good way to help to develop their ability.(Of course, our effort as a parent is also highly required.)

There are a lot of references which talk about “coaching method” on website and books so please check them out.