“Can we get a job in the future?”

blog : 04-Apr-2022

A lots of Hongkonger who graduate from international schools here and study in the U.S or UK find a difficulty to gain working visa there and they have to move back to Hong Kong. Is it because Donald Trump became a president? Or because of “BRIXIT”? One of the reasons might be that the globalised society starts turning to the anti-globalisation society.

Hongkonger from international schools are also required to speak/read Chinese properly to get a job in Hong Kong. From now on, Hongkonger will only be able to get a job in Hong Kong and Japanese will only be able to get a job in Japan, and finding a job in other countries may become more difficult for them. Only a parent can provide the best environment for children. We must aim to become a demanded person all over the world regardless of our nationalities or where we are from, plus we must become a person who can make choices from a realistic point of view with reading the trends of times. If Japanese who are raised in an international environment are going to get a job in Japan, they must be able to both read and write Japanese properly. That is one of the most important requirements.

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