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For children aged 3 to 7

◎ To let as many people get to know about the Pygmalion Hong Kong classroom, now we can offer our well-received “Individual consultation level check test to even those who are uncertain to enroll our school.

◎ Level check for the figure , space grasp and mathematical logical ability of your child that Pygmalion focuses on mainly can grasp the current growth of your child.

◎ We answer any enquiries from parents and guardians and give advice at the same time.

2. Problem-solving suggestions

We have received the following consultations from many parents and guardians.

☑ I don't know how to teach the child in early childhood.

☑ When a child faces a difficulties, easily gives up without hesitating.

☑ I want to give a child an opportunity to be good at math, but I don't know how to do it.

☑ I want to prepare for the elementary school exam.

☑ I want to develop the child to have a sense of self-affirmation.

☑ I want to improve my child to have his thinking ability.

☑ Refusal feeling for arithmetic

* If any of these apply , we recommend that you apply for a free individual consultation and level check test.

3. Benefits of application

◎ You can check if your child is growing steadily.

◎ You can discover the field your child is good at and get a chance to know what kind of opportunity you should give.

◎ You can learn the weak area of your child and can receive advice how you should improve daily life.

◎ You can understand the degree of understanding of numbers and receive advice on what kind of learning you should be good at numbers.

4. Contents of the level check

1) Check space, figures, and numerical logic abilities with Pygmalion's teaching materials and teaching tools.

The Pygmalion Education Method was developed based on many years of experiences relating to early childhood education to bring out the various potential abilities of each child. It is designed by right contents and right method so that the foundation of thinking ability helpful throughout life grows up in early childhood when more than 90% of the brain is completed. Our long -term experiences and achievements proved to be effective by our unique original teaching tools and curriculum.

2)Summary of result will be provided after level check


3) Please let us know your expectations and requirment to us also.