(Math class for ages 3 - 9)

Learn with our unique Pygmalion method which incorporates shapes and outside the box thinking

(Japanese class for ages 3 - 12 )

Learn about Japanese culture and language with other classmates and experience Japan first hand from native speakers

 Why learn with us ?

Both our courses offer a lot of young children we focus on the development of the student rather than trying to force down knowledge at a young age these children are still developing and it is important to teach them logical and outside the box thinking rather than only solving problems or memorizing words.  In our classes we look at the children's future and we understand that memorizing words or solving math problems will help them but these are all immediate problems when the child is 15 - 18 years old we want the student to be able to be unique and have a defined way of thinking and solving problems in his own unique way; we incorporate these ideas by using our unique teaching materials.  We teach the children not only is there one answer but there are many ways to find the answer and teach the student in the best way he can improve in the future.  

 We are here to help parents with these questions and concerns.

☑ I don't know how to teach the child in early childhood.

☑ When a child faces difficulties, quickly gives up without hesitating.

☑ I want to give a child an opportunity to be good at math, but I don't know how to do it.

☑ I want to prepare for the elementary school exam.

☑ I want to develop the child to have a sense of self-affirmation.

☑ I want to improve my child to have his thinking ability.

☑ Not wanting to do math 

Mathematical Ability Training

These are proven teaching materials and methods that can significantly improve leaning effectiveness

This patented math learning tool can effectively make children understand addition and subtraction within 20.

Pygmalion teaching tools used:

Numercusten was patented in Japan, China and the United States.

This tool visualizes abstract numbers and numerical values, making it easy for children to understand.

Pygmalion teaching tools used:

"Dot Stick" with one white and nine with 10x10 dots.


Using our techniques, children can quickly utilize mental arithmetic

(K3 Student)

(P1 Student)

(P1 Stutdent)