No. of lessons:       40+ times lesson / year

Lesson time: 85 min / lesson (Weekly)

Class Capacity: 6 students / class

Enrollment Fee: HKD 1,000

Monthly Fee: Material Fee $450 x No. of Lesson per months

Lesson plan

Why learn Japanese ?

Japanese is not a compulsory language in Hong Kong, so why should my child learn Japanese?  

Exposing children to a foreign language at an early age is good for their development and increases their chances of becoming proficient in the language as well as allows them to experience different cultures.  Japanese is a unique language with a large range of distinctive characters allowing the children to experience different ways of understand a new language.  Since Japanese has three different characters (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji) it is a hard language to start when you are older as there is much more to learn compared to other languages but learning such a language at a young age will not only help the childrens understanding of different languages but also will allow them to learn the best methods to learn a new language in the future as they will benefit from this experience.

Course Features


Through fun activities such as hand games, crafts and rhythmic play, as well as interaction with friends, your child's Japanese vocabulary will continue to grow. As their vocabulary grows, they will learn to read and write in Japanese. Eventually, the children will be able to express their thoughts and ideas in writing.