No. of lessons: 40+ lesson / year

Lesson time: 55 min / lesson (Weekly)

Class Capacity: 4 students / class

Enrollment Fee: HKD2,000

Monthly Fee: Material Fee $350/month(Fixed) + $650 /x No. of Lessons per month

Home Learning Tools : Purchase every January when promoting class level

Course Features

Thinking Ability Training (Shape recognition, Spatial ability)

To help with a child's problem-solving and reasoning skills, they need to master the understanding of space and thinking skills continue to grow in the future. On the contrary, standard methods, including memorization, cannot stimulate brain development and growth as it focuses on retention.

Mathematical Ability Training

These are proven teaching materials and methods that can significantly improve learning effectiveness in math using our techniques, children can quickly utilize mental arithmetic.

Pygmalion classroom mainly focuses on five skills that are critical to brain development, including:

(i) Flexibility of hands and fingers(fine motor skills)

(ii) Understanding of 2D and 3D spatial concepts

(iii) Understanding shapes

(iv) Basic knowledge of numbers and calculations

(v) Logical thinking ability

Through different teaching materials, teaching aids and games, Pygmalion helps children develop the above five skills in each class and provides a relaxing and pleasant environment to learn and grow.