"At the age of six, my kid was confident when her school teacher told her she could do the best math in her class."

"At the age of six, her classmates called my kid a math teacher and had a growing sense of self-affirmation."

"At the age of seven, my kid was able to solve four-digit addition/subtraction questions mentally."

"The schoolteacher said that my kid's mental arithmetic was unusually fast."

"I was surprised to see my kids solve 12x13, just like solving 8x7."

"My kid became good at solving word problems."

"It is thanks to Pygmalion that she passed the famous International School."

"My kid gave up what he didn't understand at first glance, but he began to make trial and error to overcome."

"My kid is now able to make things in blocks in 3D."

"My kid became dexterous, good at fitting and taking small things."

"My kid hated Lego, but he fell in love with it after learning Pygmalion for six months."

"My kid became patient."

"My kid got confident."

"I was surprised that a child who did not sit down sat down and took a lesson."

"Now my kid can understand the number system."

"I understood parental patience gives children the opportunity to think."