About Us

About Us

Pygmalion Kids Math School is a well-known early childhood education institution in Japan founded in 1978 by Mr Ito, an expert in early childhood education, and has more than 200 branch schools throughout Japan. Pygmalion has successfully opened branch campuses in other Asian regions such as Taiwan and South Korea in recent years. The school established a branch in Hong Kong in 2016.

Unlike standard early childhood education courses, Pygmalion's classes focus on inspiring children's cognitive development from an early age and strengthening their logical thinking ability through active observation and exploration of ideas in the environment. With a series of patented educational tools, children can accelerate the establishment of a sense of mathematics and science and lay a good foundation for academic success.

Our Teaching Beliefs

Early childhood (0-9 years old) is a critical period for children's brain development, essential for intellectual development, thinking development and potential tapping.

In the Pygmalion school, we provide early education courses for children aged 3-9.

Through lessons with quality teaching tools, children can explore different aspects on their own, thereby stimulating their brain development to improve their intelligence and learning ability.

Founded in 1978 by Mr Ito, an expert in early childhood education, the curriculum of Pygmalion classroom mainly focuses on five skills that are critical to brain development, including:

(i) Flexibility of hands and fingers(fine motor skills)

(ii) Understanding of 2D and 3D spatial concepts

(iii) Understanding shapes

(iv) Basic knowledge of numbers and calculations

(v) Logical thinking ability

Through different teaching materials, teaching aids and games, Pygmalion helps children develop the above five skills in each class and provides a relaxing and pleasant environment to learn and grow.